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Those who don't want to spend their time

only at the beach

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You don't want to spend your time only at the beach? No problem!
In this case there are several possibilities around the Lake Balaton:

- There is cycle path around the Balaton. Several well developed cycle paths are around Siófok.

Recommend routes  for cyclists in the surrounding of Siófok:
Siófok – Zamárdi – Szántódpuszta – Siófok (30 km)
Siófok – Tihany – B.füred – Siófok (60 km Siófok – Tihany or B.füred – Siófok with regularly operating ship)
Siófok – Tihany – Örvényes – Dörgicse – Klárapuszta – Aszófő – Tihany – Siófok (40 km Siófok – Tihany – Siófok with regularly operating ship)
Siófok – B.földvár – Kőröshegy – Siófok (45 km)
Siófok – Ságvár – Nagyberény – B.szabadi – Siófok (45 km) .

- For those who like sports there are several possibilities around the Balaton. (e.g.: paddle boat, sailing, surf, water-skiing, riding, going for a drive, tennis, table-tennis, street ball, beach-volleyball, bungee jumping, squash, minigolf, go-kart , summer bobsleigh, flying, hot-air balloon...)

-Wellness for the whole family. ( for example in the brand-new Wellness Hotel VÉRTES**** in Siófok.

Apart from the famous medicinal bathes like Hévíz, Bük, Zalakaros, Igal there are more and more medicinal and wellness offers, water amusement park as well.

- It is a very special experience to sail round the Balaton.

- There are boats with time-tables and also with different programmes.

- There are several possibilities for outings in the area.

     Sightseeing's around the Balaton:

  1. Castle Festetics and Balaton Museum in Keszthely.
    You have to visit this beautiful baroque castle with 110 rooms. It was startedto be built in 1745. The interesting Balaton Museum can be found in a representative neobaroque building built in 1928.

  2. The abbey of Tihany
    This baroque church was built in 1740-1745. Under the main altar there is a part of the former church and the tomb of King András, the founder of the abbey.

  3. The Turkish House in Alsóörs. It is worth to go to this place for the beautiful panorama as well.

  4. The József Egry Museum in Badacsony.The Balaton was attractive for the painters in the 18., 19. Century. One of the famoustst was József Egry.

  5. The Lutheran church in Siófok. This interesting church was designed by Imre Makovecz.

  6. The fortress in Vörösberény It was built around 1290.

  7. The Museum in Buzsák The lace of Buzsák is world-famous.

  8. The china museum in Herend and the glassworks in Ajka

     World heritages in Hungary

Hungary is proud to have 8 places considered special enough to be included on the list of exceptional and universally important sites. This section is intended to help you find these places and get to know them.

  1. Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter (1987) and Andrássy avenue (2002)

  2. Old Village of Hollókő and its surroundings (1987)

  3. Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovakian Karst (1995)

  4. Millenarian Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma and its Natural Environment (1996)

  5. Hortobágy National Park - the Puszta (1999)

  6. Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs (Sopianae) (2000)

  7. Tokaj the Historical Wine Region Cultural Landscape (2002)

  8. Fertő/Neusiedlersee Cultural Landscape (2001)

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