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Siófok – the summer capital, and the busiest tourist centre in Hungary. Its resort and villa area was built at the end of the 19th century as the greatest tourism undertaking of the time. The world famous composer of operetta, Imre Kálmán, is a son of Siófok, where there is today a museum in memory of him. In the spirit of the cult of Kálmán, for two months each summer an operetta gala evening is held each week. In the Catholic parish church organ recitals and master classes are held. With its huge discos, Siófok is a place of “pilgrimage” for young people. Their overriding favourite is the Beach House, built on the Nagystrand (“Main Beach”) a couple of years ago, with sports during the day and rock concerts in the evening. The town hosts the season-opening festival at Whitsun and the Golden Cockle Folklore Festival.

Recreational facilities in Siófok:
  1. Culture house - operetta, musical performances, other cultural programmes

  2. Master classes, concerts in the churches

  3. Kálmán Imre Museum - Exhibition about the famous operetta composer been born in Siófok

  4. Exhibition of Lajos Tarr painter

  5. Mineral museum

  6. Eggmuseum

  7. Outdoor village museum in Szántódpuszta with siding programme.

  8. Mini zoo, doll museum in Siófok-Töreki

  9. Nature reserve of Siófok-Töreki

  10. Shark-show - the largest sea-water aquarium of Hungary

  11. Coca Cola Beach House - Music programmes on the Golden Shore ( Gold shore )

  12. Palace Disco, Pizzeria and Medieval Restaurant

  13. Disco  Flört in the centre

Information: Tourinform
8600 Siófok, Wasserturm

Dear Guests!

We are glad to see you in Siófok, and would like that all of us have a good time in our city. Taking this into account we recommend the followings:

1.     Siófok is a city for recreation, where everybody needs peace and quietness. For that reasons we ask you to take some relaxation between 01 p.m. and 03 p.m., and between 11p.m. and 08 a.m every day. Please, do not make noise in the above periods, and avoid using too loud equipment. You are advised hereby that the city has a noise regulation!

2.     There is a regulation in force in Hungary, and thereby in Siófok too, prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages in public place. Please, respect this limitation!

3.     Our city makes considerable efforts for the realisation of a cultured, flowered environment. Please, contribute to the same through respecting the the environmental regulations. Use the waste containers posted in public places, and waste bins, bags in houses and shops. Please, take care of our common values, and protect the environment. All people have one home: the EARTH!

4.     Strict compliance with the traffic regulations is in the interest of all of us. For that reason we ask you to respect the instructions relating to speed limits indicated on road signs!

5.     There are rules for bathing as well, whereto we would like to call your attention hereby. The storm-signal for Lake Balaton should be paid particular attention. When signals come sparsely, bathing is allowed close to the beach, while the water should be left without delay, when signals go frequent! The water level is low along the beach, therefor it is prohibited to take a headlong dive. Ultra-violet radiation is dangerous around midday, therefor saying in direct sunlight for long periods between 12 a.m. and 15 p.m. should be avoided.

6.      Useful tips and information: Keep your garden, house and car closed. Keep your valuables in such places, which are not easily accessible. Do not leave your personal belongings unattended on the beach. Please note that our police officers are assisted by German and Dutch colleagues during the summer season.  We hope to have promoted your repose and amusement with this notification!

Siófok city is always glad to host you, and will be looking forward to seeing you again!

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